PhoneGPS is a very simple app. It gets the location and then sends it by a HTTP POST to an customizable URL. The POST sends the following data: latitude, longitude, timestamp. With this parameters, a bigger solution can be implemented. Can be used to follow your sales forces, to track vehicles or people, to know where your family is, security, domotics, etc. Can be used to implement all kinds of solutions that require knowing device location data.

When you need to implement this kind of solutions, in most of the cases you need to identify who is sending the data. To acomplish than, PhoneGPS also allows to enter a unique id. This parameter will be sent along the location data so you can track each device individually. The unique id generation is not included in the app funcionality. You must provide it when configuring it.

The POST will send the following parameters:
- latitude
- longitude
- timestamp
- uniqueid

Features :

Gets location data

When a change in position is detected, PhoneGPS will get the data

Sends it to URL via HTTP POST

Gets latitude, longitude, timestamp and uniqueid and performs the POST

Continues on background

PhoneGPS will continue getting and sending data even if is not on foreground

User can stop the data sending

User can activate/desactivate the data sending at will

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